Dodie Davis, Artist
Painting From The Heart

About The Artist

  Dodie Davis looks at life through an artist's eye.  She finds passion in watercolor because she loves the luminosity that she feels can be achieved most greatly in the medium of watercolor.  Dodie relates to the medium; maybe it is the spontaneity, perhaps going with the flow, or loving the surprises that happen with watercolor.  She believes that most everything is a painting waiting to happen and she paints it all - people, places, and "things".   

Dodie has studied extensively under master artist Tony Couch and is a workshop coordinator for him.  Other master artists that Dodie has studied under include Alvaro Castagnet, Mary Whyte, and Thomas Schaller to name a few.  Dodie says that she "paints from her heart".  Each of her paintings is an expression rooted in a loving place.  Painting is her way of going to a place of spirituality and beauty, and she wants to share that place with others through her art.  

Dodie teaches watercolor painting locally in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Dodie belongs to several Watercolor and Art Associations in California and Nationally.   Dodie's work is held in private and corporate collections nationally and internationally. 

 Thank you for stopping by our gallery and please enjoy your time viewing Dodie's work.