Dodie Davis, Artist
Painting From The Heart

About The Artist

Dodie Davis is one of those artists that is inspired by most everything she sees, yet most importantly by everything she feels.  It doesn't take long for one to realize that they are not just looking at "something"; they are feeling deep emotion.  That is a skill of communication through painting that Dodie's work ignites in others.  Feeling her work.  Viewing her gallery is similar to watching a movie and having your emotions led through the gamut of your life.  

Dodie is mostly self taught although she gives Tony Couch immense gratitude for the years that she has studied under him.  She has also studied under Alvaro Castagnet, Thomas Schaller, and Mary Whyte.  Learning mostly by observation and paying close attention to how she feels is the beginning of her process.  Then she plans her piece and by the time her brush is wet, she lets it dance across the canvas.  That is the time, she says, "to play and have fun splashing about.  The work is already done in my heart and in my head".  Look closely at the eyes of her portraits of people and animals and you will see their spirit, this is the magic with which Dodie paints.  

"There are some things that one just can not explain because they can only be felt, and those feelings are individual to each person.  I attempt to leave space in my paintings for others to experience their own reality."

Enjoy the galleries and Thank you for stopping by!